Wednesday, September 19, 2007

OK, This has been a busy week but I am trying to add something everyday and I missed a day. Spent all day doing Dr. appts. YUK! I hate it but luckily other than a few minor glitches I am pretty darn healthy right now. I am really trying to take care of myself but I probably will never be obsessive about it. Moderation is the key to everything and I truly believe that the body is an amazing machine that can and will repair itself if you take care of it. I really didn't do that when I was younger but health is something that you can't put a price on it. It is priceless and the older you get the more that this becomes apparent.
Anyway, one of the things that keeps me healthy is my two little furbabies. They are my heart and soul. Having a pet is good for your blood pressure and keeps your attitude positive. Besides, they are just plain cute and fun to have around!
Here is Noel, my little ball of energy that my dh calls the happiest dog in the world. He says he has never seen a dog that was just so happy to be alive. He is right about that. She is always so full of joy and I cannot look at her without laughing or smiling. She is always up to something.
BooBoo Magoo is my very sage and serene big black cat. I have had him since he was an abandoned kitten and he is 13 1/2 years old now. He is my heart, we have been through so much together and we can read each other's thoughts. He has even forgiven me for bringing home the rambunctious little mini schnauzer that he has to claim as his baby sister. They have their moments but they love one another very much and they both love me so they try to get along for my sake.
My life is so much better because they are a part of it.

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This 'n That said...

Well, I will make a comment! You're right! It's about time you got working on your blog! It's a great start! Now I need to work on mine. This is great! One click and I can see what you have been up to. Just by reading I can see I have missed a lot of cool things you have been doing.

Your bestest friend you never met,