Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another inspirational card!

I made this quite sometime ago starting with a background using dye inks that were diluted with water and sprayed onto glossy paper. I am famous for my use of webbing spray and I am sure some people are sick of it but I am not so I will keep finding ways to use it. I think it puts a dramatic look to everything! I am tempted to spray it on my husband but I don't want other stampers chasing after him so I will refrain. (I am easily entertained - I guess :) Anyway, this card has been featured on Stamptalk's group page for a while so that is quite an honor. Pat Huntoon saw it, asked how it was done and came up with a nice tutorial on it called "Veined Marble" which she gave me the credit for. I am sure that someone, somewhere has done it before but she was nice enough to mention me. If you ever want plenty of inspiration and love to see talent I will recommend Technique Junkies highly to you. Google it and get all the info you need. You will not be disappointed! Anyway, I am proud to say that this card with Estelle's ( Ophelia was the inspiration. I am even pleased with it and that is saying something because I am my own worst critic. That is is for today! Hope you enjoy this.

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