Monday, March 03, 2008

Easy Watercolor flowers

Lately I have been on a kick of using this nifty little stamp from Stampendous that is a single image. The lines are simple and it lends itself beautifully to stamping multiple images and making great backgrounds because of the simplicity of it's design. I have a lot of requests as to how I made these crazy little watercolor cards. I managed to really get into some color. (Those of you who know me, know my passion for using color!!) Besides, this is my contribution on making spring come just a little early this year.

First take a stamp that has a lot of space for adding color into it and stamp it onto glossy white cardstock with permanent ink. I prefer WorldWin High Gloss as it takes on water so beautifully and Black India ink by Stewart Superior. Allow a few minutes for the ink to dry on the cardstock. Next grab up a few watercolor pens (again my preference is Marvy Markers by Marvy/Uchida) in complimentary colors pick at least 3 and as many as 6, no more than that or they will get too busy looking. Now get your watercolor brush (if you don't have one, you need to buy one of these-I don't know how I lived without it!) and touch it to the side of the marker tip to pick up some of the color. Start filling in the flowers randomly with blotches of the different color markers until the flowers are filled up. Do not take your time. This should be done quickly with little thought. The beauty of the technique is the spontaneity of the color washes. Once you have the flowers filled up and the centers washed in go ahead and do the background in the same manner but only use one color (for example use blue and use a lighter and a darker shades, maybe a little lavender but don't make it too busy) Now go back and choose complimenting cardstock and embellishments. Oh! Don't forget to add a little bling to your flowers by adding a touch of Stickles (or other glitter glue). A little bling never hurt anyone.

I hope you give this a try. Maybe if we all break out our watercolor markers the snow will go away for the rest of the season. It won't hurt to try, will it?

Happy Creating.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Morning chatter

It is Sunday, the wind is blowing like crazy and I have heard birds chirping for the last few folks, we may be heading into spring. It has been a long, hard, cold winter and I am so ready for any signs of spring, no matter how minute they may be! Anyway, I haven't got much to chat about today. I just wanted to add something a little spring like to this blog. I made a few little Easter ATC's and since Easter comes early this year I figured I would put them up. My way of encouraging spring to peek out. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you all are busy creating. Oh by the way, if you would like to see more ATC's, puzzle pieces or whatever, make sure to visit my Webshots pages. The url is on the right hand side of the page over here. Just click on it and you can see plenty of artwork. Thanks!