Friday, January 25, 2008

Catching up....

I have been down for a while. I had surgery and I will elaborate on that later but I have had quite enough medical lingo for awhile so let me just share some of my "Me" journal that my friends and I have been working on. Of course, I always like what they do with their's, better than my own but such is life.

Since I last shared, I have managed to crank out two more topics that were assigned. I am still a tad behind but not too bad for being post-op. The first one is a simple one. We were supposed to comment on our age that we are right now. I remember that annoying song by Sammy Haggar titled "I Can't Drive 55!" and I can remember that the song was loud, I really didn't like the 55 mph speed limit but I never ever even thought that I could really be 55!! That had to be nearly 30 years ago and being 30 yrs younger, it seems like such a long way off. Surprise!! It is here! Sheesh! Where the hell did it go?? Anyway, I was feeling pretty puny so I made it very easy. The sun is a wallpaper border (thanx Kathy L!!) and I just purtied up some chipboard 5's and added a little bling and stamped words. Easy peasy!

The second topic is Quirks. I never realized how quirky I am until I actually started listing them. I guess we are all nuts in one way or another. I feel right at home with all of my friends. LOL!

I will list them here, so the world can see!

• Make a written list when I go to the store or I cannot shop.
• Make a mental note of where I put things before I go to bed (glasses, purse, phones)
• Have at least one cup of coffee in the morning or nothing else will go right for me.
• Have all of my things in MY order or I cannot function properly. They make look out of order to everyone else but as long as I know where it is kept, then all is well in my world.
• Wear socks with shoes. I cannot stand the feel of my bare feet trapped inside of shoes except sandals.
Must not
• Have ANYTHING in my coffee or tea. No sugar, milk, whipped cream, sprinkles or any flavoring, nothing! Just the pure taste of the rich elixir of the God’s!
• Eat anything that burns my taste buds and sinuses before it leaves my mouth. I love spicy but not torturous. I like to think of my food as a pleasure not a sport.
• Have any feet touching me on any part of my body unless it is under the age of 10. I cannot stand to have anyone touch my feet in return.
• Have any part of anyone’s anatomy especially wet tongues stuck inside my ear, never, not ever! Total turn-off!
• Let anyone poke me to get my attention. I cannot tolerate it.

OK, that is enough sharing for one day.

Hope you all are having the best day ever. Until next time.........

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Published in Altered Arts!

I had come up with a little inventive way to make my own canvas board with my wonderful and durable WorldWin Paper. I thought maybe someone else would be interested in how I did it so I sent it to AAM. Well, they were and they asked me if they could have it for their mag! How cool is that?

My friend Lori is a designer there (check her out on my favorite bloggers list)and if you are familiar with her work, you know that they have some wonderful art going on! You gotta buy this mag! To top it off, MaryJo McGraw is also in the Jan/Feb issue. She is my idol..........Love MJM!!! Well, here is the page with my Faux Heirloom wall hanging.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

More journal stuff

As I mentioned before, I am working on a "me" journal with a group of my artist friends and so far the two pages assigned were my goals and my name. Well, I have finished both. My goals page is not as good as I like artistically but the goals are what I want to focus on. My name page turned out pretty good.
The picture includes a photo of my mom and me, and a small jewelry box with a gold baby heart charm from my parents and my birth bracelet. The rest is pretty self explanitory so I will shut up and let the scans do the talking. Until the next time, happy creating!