Friday, January 25, 2008

Catching up....

I have been down for a while. I had surgery and I will elaborate on that later but I have had quite enough medical lingo for awhile so let me just share some of my "Me" journal that my friends and I have been working on. Of course, I always like what they do with their's, better than my own but such is life.

Since I last shared, I have managed to crank out two more topics that were assigned. I am still a tad behind but not too bad for being post-op. The first one is a simple one. We were supposed to comment on our age that we are right now. I remember that annoying song by Sammy Haggar titled "I Can't Drive 55!" and I can remember that the song was loud, I really didn't like the 55 mph speed limit but I never ever even thought that I could really be 55!! That had to be nearly 30 years ago and being 30 yrs younger, it seems like such a long way off. Surprise!! It is here! Sheesh! Where the hell did it go?? Anyway, I was feeling pretty puny so I made it very easy. The sun is a wallpaper border (thanx Kathy L!!) and I just purtied up some chipboard 5's and added a little bling and stamped words. Easy peasy!

The second topic is Quirks. I never realized how quirky I am until I actually started listing them. I guess we are all nuts in one way or another. I feel right at home with all of my friends. LOL!

I will list them here, so the world can see!

• Make a written list when I go to the store or I cannot shop.
• Make a mental note of where I put things before I go to bed (glasses, purse, phones)
• Have at least one cup of coffee in the morning or nothing else will go right for me.
• Have all of my things in MY order or I cannot function properly. They make look out of order to everyone else but as long as I know where it is kept, then all is well in my world.
• Wear socks with shoes. I cannot stand the feel of my bare feet trapped inside of shoes except sandals.
Must not
• Have ANYTHING in my coffee or tea. No sugar, milk, whipped cream, sprinkles or any flavoring, nothing! Just the pure taste of the rich elixir of the God’s!
• Eat anything that burns my taste buds and sinuses before it leaves my mouth. I love spicy but not torturous. I like to think of my food as a pleasure not a sport.
• Have any feet touching me on any part of my body unless it is under the age of 10. I cannot stand to have anyone touch my feet in return.
• Have any part of anyone’s anatomy especially wet tongues stuck inside my ear, never, not ever! Total turn-off!
• Let anyone poke me to get my attention. I cannot tolerate it.

OK, that is enough sharing for one day.

Hope you all are having the best day ever. Until next time.........

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