Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

I have always had a love affair with cats. I love the fact that they are so independent and full of curiousity. I love all animals but cats are just special. You don't take care of cats, not really. You feed them and love them and respect them but other than cleaning their cat box and giving them treats and food, they pretty much take care of themselves. They LET you think you are caring for them, they command that from you. If push comes to shove, they could take care of themselves but why should they and deny you that pleasure? I think that is what I love the most about them!
My cat is BooBoo Magoo. He is my heart. He loves me for who I am and knows when I am not myself. He will stay by my side when I am sick, leaving only to use the litterbox or have a bite to eat. Otherwise he is near me, letting me know that he is there for me. He gets mad at me but always forgives me. If I love someone, well, he loves them too, sometimes against his better judgement. I can do anything to him, I can dangle his legs and he will not flinch. I can hold him very close to me and stare in his eyes, he will not turn away. He lets me dress him up for Halloween and Christmas and although he does not care for it, he lets me because he loves me that much. He trusts me with his life, that is pretty impressive. He knows I love him and I always will. We share the same soul and can read each other's minds. He is 13 and a half now but the vet says he has the vital signs of a young cat. So hopefully, I will have him around for a long while. He even loves my puppy and has forgiven me for bringing that bundle of energy into our rather sedate life. So here's to cats and all the people out there that love them. You are special and your cat knows it! Cheers!

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Lindart said...

Love the cats!! I have 2 of my own, and after also having dogs, cats are so much better! More like having a teenager with an attitude than a perpetual 2 year old! Anyway, I love my cats, and you did a great job with yours!