Monday, September 17, 2007

Grandchildren - The light of my life.

Well, another weekend has flown by and that means that we are nearly into fall. That means that the grandkids are back in action again. They have busy schedules so I have plenty to do also, since I am their back up when mom and dad are working. I really enjoy the role as I never had a grandparent when I was growing up and I always wanted one. My grandparents on both sides had passed away before I was born or shortly after so I was too young to remember them. I was forever adopting old people as substitute grandparents. I think every child should have an older adult in their lives. Grandparents are more tolerant, patient and listen to the little things that parents don't always have the time to do. I am guilty of that with my son. Although I love him more than life when I was raising him there were plenty of other things to think about, like making a living, paying bills. I was a single parent and although his father was there and supportive too, it is not like having both parents under the same roof. It is always a little tougher but I think my son is a better person for it. He knows what single moms go through and I think he appreciates women more because of it. Yet he knows that just because parents are divorced, your dad can have just as big a role in raising you as your mom. It would have been a lot easier for Mike and me if we had lived closer to my parents, but then again maybe not! My dad was a spoiler of grandchildren! He let them get by with murder and the reward was that they worshipped the ground he walked on! It would take me months to get Michael back in line after spending time with my dad. My mom at least would respect my rules. LOL!
I digress, back to my pride and joy.
My grandson David is playing football this season and my granddaughter Katie is back in dance. He is a Boyscout and she is a Brownie scout. He is going to join the school band and it won't be long until he has basketball practice. They are both good students David has made the honor roll every year and has been awarded with state honors in math and spelling. Katie, well, Katie is the darling of her class. She is loved by everyone and is a real character. She was selected as an attendant for the Jr. Miss pageant, so she got to wear tierra and a fancy ball gown. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very artistic. Ok, they are really good kids and yes, I am very proud of them. You get the picture! I do layouts of them and have been behind lately but here are some that I am most proud of.

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