Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well after weeks and weeks of waiting after the writer's strike, I was not disappointed! I forgive them for taking so long. They really made the wait worthwhile as they did an outstanding job of tying in the past episodes with this one and making room for all sorts of scenarios for the future. I want this program to stay on for a long long time. Alex O'Loughlin is a great actor besides being a total BABE. Can you tell I love this show! I haven't felt this way about a show since Boston Legal first came on and yes I still love that adorable Alan Cross (James Spader) with his delicious dry humor, sharp wit and dirty mind.

Mick St. John has made me a lover of vampires! I will no longer think of Bela Lugosi when it comes to blood sucking creatures of the night. The storyline is so great and the chemistry between he and his mortal love, "my Beth" (as he refers to her to his friends-so sweeeet!!). Well, just go to the link on the title of this blog entry and it will take you to all the goodies you will need to know to get hooked on this show. He is awfully pretty to look at too! Hey! I may be getting old but I ain't dead yet!

OK, besides at looking at my new boyfriend (he is younger than my son for cryin' out loud!) I did make up a whole batch of thank you cards to send out to the nice people that send me toys to try out and play with. I am forever making different backgrounds playing around with my plentiful inks and colorwashes. I am a compulsive webbing spray user, I would take a 12 step program for it but I really don't want to! Webbing spray is just too darn fun to play with and it makes the plainest old paper look so dramatic! So, I needed some quick solutions. I took some of my background papers, some trusty black ink and the closest stamps to me and started stamping out all my frustrations. I cut them all up, edged them with my Krylon pens (another constant staple for me) and attached them to cardstock. In a matter of minutes, cards were done! My guilt is alleviated for now! I know there will be something else to replace this with another guilt in no time but one more notch in my lipstick case!

Now there is a huge pile of laundry that is calling my name.........Wash me Cindy, please wash me! If you don't, you will run out of underwear and then you will be sorry. Ooooops, better go! Another guilt trip awaits! Enjoy your day!


Cricket said...

You've got my vampire desire peeked Cindy! Off to take a look at your hottie!!


Donna said...

Hey Cindy,
Great blog, but then I'd expect nothing less coming from you. I love the album covers you've uploaded onto here. Keep up the good work! Don't you just love the Technique Junkies?
Pat's the greatest.

Donna - Charlottesville VA

Anonymous said...

I love your butterflies and the backgrounds Cindy.
Your flower photography is so refreshing, your whole blog speaks to me of creativity in it's purest form!


Lindart said...

I agree totally about Moonlighting, then see that you also love Boston Legal (James Spader rocks)AND Johhny D! OMG! You're me! I'm you! LOL! OK, what about Battlestar Galactica. . .

Miz_Cat said...

Hi Cindy your hotties are hot. I don't watch much TV so haven't seen Moonlighting. I watch MediuM and enjoy that. Of course there is Fred and Ginger lol with my snuggle bunny.

I love your wonderful springy floral pics. They really are a treat for winter weary eyes.

You have outdone yourself with arting up the papers. Love all the stamping and background. Way to go girl.

Michi Michaelson said...

May I say that you have EXCELLENT taste in men, Cindy!!! Woo! Hoo!!!!!!
I own all the DVD's of MONK . . . what does that say about MY taste in men!! LOL!!!!!!

Please do NOT take a 12-step program for your spray webbing!! It is GORGEOUS just like all your other pieces of art!!!

Ape Maya said...

I love these quickie cards! I love my krylon pens too!!

I think I may have to add a new show or two to all those others I am already watching!

Anonymous said...

Love your attitude but worried that you are so concerned about underwear. There is a lot to be said for "Commando";)
Number 2 Fitter Wife (you have to be Number 1, it's your blog)

Paper said...

Love it Cindy! I fell hard for the a vampire many years ago, David Boreanaz years ago as Angel. He was my very first vampire crush... Your blog is great! Thanks for sharing!

Flo said...

Cindy, I love your blog! You have always cracked me up with your humor and style! Reading this blog is ALMOST as good as looking at the pics you posted today!

QueenPam said...

I have to agrees about Moonlight! I taped it last weekend as I was away at Adventures in Stamping! Love your backgrounds now to find my webbing sprays! QP

Sue said...

I love the backgrounds on all of your cards. Wish we could sit down and play together some time. I must get some webbing spray!!

Michelle said...

Cindy! If your mama was here, what would she say about all these lascivious pictures on your blog! You're tempting married women here, honey!!! Whew. Thanks for the eye candy.