Sunday, April 13, 2008

Inchie fever is still burning

Well, I still have the fever and I just had to make a couple of pages of these babies for my nifty little book. They are so fun! Big art in a teeny tiny square!

I have been dinkin' around with my 'puter all day trying to iron out a technical problem and I may have a handle on it. It has taken time away from my inchies and the other gazillion things I was planning to do today. Anyway, so much for my silly whining.

Just thought I would share them before I hit the hay.........again (I was napping in my chair for most of the evening!)

I also made my 26 "C's" for the inchie swap on the SSR zine group list I swear it only took me about 45 minutes to make about 30 of them. That is how quickly they come together. If you belong to the group and want to join in, there are just a few letters left to sign up for. Hurry up and sign up! You can be the owner of 26 little works of art!

Well, I am off to the land of nod. See you all in the morning! Sweet dreams!


Donalda's Blog said...

Girl this is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!
I will be glad when I can do those little ones again lol

Wanda H said...

Cindy, love your book and all your inchies!!! I'm gonna have to make me a book too :-))

Michi Michaelson said...

Whew!!!! These inchies are TO DIE FOR, Cindy!!! You are SO talented and have an incredible eye for color!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eastjewels said...

Wow Cindy, your book is awesome, I love those little are so talented...sorry I haven't been over here in a while...where does the time go when you are having fun...I checked out all of your new work and you your cards are go girl....
Linda (Okla)

Flo said...

I love your inchies! You inspire me. Although I haven't quite got the "inchie bug" (I'm still not sure I like fussin around with them - and what will I DO with all the ones I make?), yours are quite nice.
~Big hugs