Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just sharing my new stamps.........

I am procrastinating my weekend away. It is almost finished and I have not accomplished a danged thing. Well, I am adding to my blog so that is SOMETHING! I need to be in my studio finishing up deadlines. (Hanging my head in shame)
I just hate when I get one of these creative blocks. Once I go sit at my desk with some sort of plan I know I will come up with something! I think I like living on the edge, I don't do it in any other way anymore and this is my last bit of being edgy and risk taking. That just made me laugh! I'm comparing my being able to sit down at my art desk without a plan or motivation with a deadline looming over my head, compared to jumping out of a plane or climbing a mountain. Well, that is about as daring as I get in my old age! So there laugh all you want. I laugh in the face of danger!! I don't have the energy to do the other stuff.
Anyway, I wanted to share my newest stamps that I made for Innovative Stamp Creations. They are really fun ones this time and will work great with altered art. I love to see what others do with them. I always feel a bit uncomfortable working with my own but I do manage to once in a while.
Well, I hope your Sunday is more productive than mine but maybe you are working at being

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Donalda's Blog said...

I got your stamps girlfriend and I love them !!!!! Your the greatest