Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Ornamental my dear!

Where has this year gone????? What has happened to all my good intentions of having everything prepared and ready ahead of time? Down the tubes again. Alas, another Christmas with half laid plans and no extra time. It seems to get worse every year. Oh well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions or so they say. I hope that is not what is happening here! I am just paddling as fast as I can for now trying to stay ahead.
I did make a few little ornaments. One for my WorldWin DT entry and one for a swap. The big one I did with a hand cut flower but the little one was done with a small laminate sample and little bits and pieces of stuff. They are easy to do, just make a flat chipboard or other piece such as a laminant sample or a domino and add little bits of whatever you have on hand, lace, ribbon, pretty Christmas paper and of course some glitter and glitz. What would Christmas be without the sparkle?
Hope you enjoy your season no matter if you are prepared or not.


Robin said...

Hi Cindy! You have been tagged!!!
See my blog for details.

Robin said...

Oh I almost forgot!! Your ornaments are gorgeous!! I have a HUGE laminate sample that I am going to do this to, I think. I will definitely make at least one ornament tomorrow for our tree. You have inspired me. Thanks!!!

Wanda H said...

Gorgeous ornaments, Cindy!

Dawn said...

Lovely ornaments Cindy! I hear ya on the road paving, lol. Have a wonderful holiday!

Judy C. said...

Cindy, Your work is always inspiring to see!